How to use a massage gun to reduce joint pain?

How to use a massage gun to reduce joint pain?

Neck tightness and stiffness are common, especially if sitting or working in one place throughout the day.

However, the massage gun is applied only on the back of the neck and avoids the spine.

The muscles to be massaged in the neck include the trapezoidal muscle, clavicle muscle and cymbal sternum muscle.

These muscles are known to tense up easily and cause pain, but it’s important to be very gentle with these muscles.

There are several caveats when using a massage gun. People with a history of stroke should not massage their neck with a gun.

Other sensitive areas that should be avoided using a massage gun include the carotid artery, kidneys, knees, and ankles.

It is not recommended to use a massage gun on injured areas, bruises, wounds or painful areas.

Users should start in low mode to allow the muscles to get used to the sensation and the body to control the force of the impact.