6 factors that can increase cholesterol suddenly

6 factors that can increase cholesterol suddenly

Another potential cause is rapid weight loss. In one study, 3 adults quickly lost weight by following a low-calorie diet.

In all 3 cases, their LDL cholesterol temporarily spiked before dropping to normal levels.

According to the researchers, this may be related to changes in metabolism.

If you plan to lose weight, you should get advice from a health care professional.

The dietitian will develop a safe weight loss plan while also providing guidance on health-related side effects, such as a sudden increase in cholesterol.

Drinking a lot of coffee, rapid weight loss, smoking, psychological stress, pregnancy can quickly raise cholesterol.

Cholesterol is fat that moves through the blood, the majority (about 80%) is produced by the liver.

Besides, health status, eating habits can affect this fat level.

The total cholesterol index should ideally be below 200 mg / dL, high blood cholesterol increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, according to experts.

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