Benefits of mushrooms for people with diabetes

Benefits of mushrooms for people with diabetes

The glycemic index (GI) and glycemic load (GL) in mushrooms are low.

Diabetics who eat mushrooms can slow the rate of rise in blood sugar levels.

With a high content of B vitamins, mushrooms can help patients avoid the risk of dementia in the elderly, who take blood sugar control drugs for a long time.

In addition to B vitamins, bioactive compounds in mushrooms (polysaccharides) have diabetes prevention properties.

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University conducted a study on mice to test the effects of the white button fungus (Agaricus bisporus).

This fungus can change the intestinal microflora, improving the regulation of sugar (glucose) in the body of mice.

According to the team representative, glucose management has implications for diabetes and other metabolic diseases.”

Along with that, soluble fiber beta glucan – one of the bioactive compounds found in mushrooms can slow down the digestion and absorption of sugar.

From there, sugar levels, cholesterol levels in the blood are controlled after each meal.

Diabetics avoid the risk of heart disease, stroke.

Besides supporting the improvement and prevention of diabetes, eating mushrooms also brings many health benefits as follows.

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