AI can 'change things in scary ways'

AI can ‘change things in scary ways’

According to experts, there are three issues where AI can serve humans in the future.

First, regulators and politicians need to keep pace with the development of artificial intelligence technology.

“Due to the plethora of new AI systems, regulators need to get a quick grasp of its speed.

Only control, AI can play its role and move in the right direction,” experts said.

Second, companies that invest billions of dollars in AI development like Google, Meta or OpenAI need to be more transparent about what they are doing.

According to experts, many large-scale AI models are “developed behind closed doors,” using private data sets and only tested by internal teams.

“When information is made public, it is often devalued or buried in obscure scientific papers,” experts said.

In addition, experts also suggested that the media needs to do a better job of explaining the advancement of AI to non-professionals.

Some experts say it’s time for humans to get serious about AI, because it could soon change in a scary way.

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