Lose 30 kg a year in three simple steps

Lose 30 kg a year in three simple steps

This habit makes a huge difference, helping you start your day feeling refreshed and energized.

Going to bed early also helps with the diet, reducing the frequency of late-night snacking.

During weight loss, you must completely abandoned the habit of drinking alcohol to reduce excess calories.

Alcohol withdrawal helps control weight and prevents chronic health problems such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease as people age.

Once your weight is reasonable and stable, you should drink a glass of wine a week.

Having seen friends and acquaintances gain weight again after a period of accelerated weight loss, start training with a personal trainer twice a week since November 2021.

Experts Caroline said that the focus of the course is on increasing strength and muscle mass.

“We do weight training, combining exercises that use body weight. Caroline embodies the saying that it’s never too late to readjust your life,” she said.

Now, Caroline has more energy and feels more confident both physically and mentally. “I will never go back to who I was,” she said.

Caroline successfully lost 30 kg in a year using a “three-pronged” strategy, which includes exercise, dieting and physical recovery.

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