Google launches anti-misinformation campaign

Google launches anti-misinformation campaign in Europe

Google launches anti-misinformation campaign in Europe

The spread of misinformation and fake information in the U.S. and Europe through social networks has led various governments to push for new laws aimed at stopping them.

Beth Goldberg, head of research at Jigsaw, said: “We’re looking at this as a pilot trial, so there’s absolutely no reason why this approach can’t be extended to other countries.

Poland was chosen because it has the most Ukrainian refugees,” he said, adding that the Czech Republic and Slovakia are also important areas in the campaign in Europe.

Not only in the US, the anti-misinformation campaign has also begun to be implemented by Google in Europe.

Jigsaw, a subsidiary of Google, will launch a campaign next week to address misinformation about Ukrainian refugees in European countries such as Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.