Ferrari’s former boss joins McLaren

Ferrari's former boss joins McLaren to make an ambitious super SUV

Ferrari’s former boss joins McLaren to make an ambitious super SUV

McLaren’s super SUV price is expected to fall to £ 350,000, much higher than the “sporty” SUVs on the market such as Lamborghini Urus, Bentley Bentayga Speed, Porsche Cayenne or Aston Martin DBX707 (currently the fastest SUV in the world).

The former Ferrari executive behind the Purosangue SUV looks set to chart a similar, but more ambitious, project at McLaren.

New McLaren CEO Michael Leiters, since July 7, said the company is polling and studying a possible approach to a pure electric “supercar”.

The former Ferrari technical director behind the Purosangue project , which will be fully launched by Ferrari later this year, and the Porsche Cayenne looks set to use its experience to bring a similar model to McLaren.

Since the Ferrari boss moved to steer the wobbly mclaren, he has had a significant impact on the british brand’s way of thinking.

From being absolutely loyal to sports cars, the company has had a much more open mind when noticing the success of high-end SUVs from rivals.

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