Chinese carrier exercises in the South China Sea

Chinese aircraft carrier exercises in the South China Sea

Chinese media on Aug. 25 quoted the country’s navy as saying the Shandong aircraft carrier and ships in the battle group conducted an exercise in the South China Sea to “test combat capability in conditions simulating a battle.”

Video released by the Chinese military’s Southern War Zone Command shows the aircraft carrier Shandong leading a formation of several destroyers and the logistics ship Tra Can Ho moving in offshore waters.

The J-15s were then deployed from the aircraft carrier Shandong, flying in a squadron of 4 and performing air maneuvers and landing on the battleship.

The Chinese military did not release the specific location and timing of the exercises.

China’s military recently held several exercises amid escalating regional tensions, particularly around the Taiwan Strait following a visit to the island by U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in early August.

China has always regarded Taiwan as a province awaiting reunification and has said it is ready to use force if necessary.

The Shandong was the first Chinese-built aircraft carrier, based on the Liaoning, an aircraft carrier converted from an unfinished Soviet heavy cruiser Varyag.

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