China’s space station ‘self-sufficient’

China's space station 'self-sufficient' 90% of drinking water

China’s space station ‘self-sufficient’ 90% of drinking water

As key technology for China’s manned missions, life support and environmental control systems have ensured the safety of astronauts in orbit and helped build a habitable space station, the CMSA stressed.

The system can adjust air pressure, oxygen content, wind speed, temperature and humidity inside the spacecraft with the aim of creating an Earth-like habitat in space.

It also reduces cabin noise with sound-absorbing visors, soundproof panels, dampers, and shockproof pads.

CMSA is working on next-generation recycling technologies, including food recycling, to maximize the reuse of materials on the station in the future, the agency added.

The Shenzhou-14 crew aboard the Tiangong space station is now capable of producing more than 90% of drinking water through a recycling process.

This means that astronauts need less than 10% of the water supply from the ground.

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