Sudden splenic abscess is rare

Sudden splenic abscess is rare

Since the spleen located deep under the left diaphragm is protected by a very thick thoracic frame and the left diaphragm, the manifestation of the disease is very vague, difficult to detect.

The most characteristic symptom is high fever caused by sepsis and upper left abdominal pain.

Nowadays, the disease can be diagnosed earlier thanks to abdominal ultrasound and especially CT-scan of the contrast abdomen, but requires a doctor to think about it.

The 76-year-old suddenly had left abdominal pain, vomiting, cold fever, and went to three hospitals to find a rare spleen abscess.

The male patient was treated for nearly a week at a local hospital with a diagnosis of cirrhosis and erythrocytosis.

At a city hospital for treatment, the symptoms still did not improve, so the patient was transferred to 115 Hospital.

Experts said that the imaging diagnosis recorded that the patient had a large-sized spleen abscess, which had ruptured pus, spreading around causing many complications.

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