Parasitic cysts in the vertebrae weaken the man's legs

Parasitic cysts in the vertebrae weaken the man’s legs

Experts recommends that people keep their hands and feet clean, limit the habit of eating raw and eating salads.

This is the path that brings parasitic pathogens into the body.

When there are symptoms, it is recommended to go to a hospital with an infectious and neurological department for early examination and treatment.

The 38-year-old man has a habit of eating salads and raw things, suddenly numbness of both legs, urinary retention, almost complete paralysis of both legs.

Experts said the patient’s injuries made doctors think of C7 intervertebral cysts.

“The results of the surgery are exactly the same as the preoperative consultation.

The patient is removed from the cyst, nerve decompression, postoperative improvement of movement and feeling of the legs,” experts said.

According to the doctor, parasites in the central nervous system are a common pathology with people in developing countries, poor sanitary conditions.

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