Notes about meal times to increase fat burning

3 notes about meal times to increase fat burning

3 notes about meal times to increase fat burning

The last meal of the day about 3-4 hours from sleep time is often recommended by experts to provide enough time for the body to digest and metabolize energy.

Eating late, eating close to bedtime puts pressure on the digestive system, makes the body easy to accumulate belly fat and affects the quality of sleep.

In addition, dinner is also recommended to eat 7-8 servings, increase green vegetables, protein, limit the consumption of starch, grease, spices to avoid heaviness, indigestion and easy edema the next morning.

Eating breakfast before 9am helps boost metabolism, eat dinner before 7pm to give the body enough time to digest, limit belly fat accumulation.

  1. Breakfast before 9am

Healthy, nutritious breakfast brings many health benefits, helping to lose weight effectively.

While there are a number of methods that encourage skipping breakfast to lose weight, there’s no denying the importance of breakfast for health and weight control.

Eating breakfast correctly helps activate the body’s metabolism.

The strongest metabolic time frame is thought to be around 6am-9am, at which time the satiety hormone leptin is produced, thereby reducing fat storage.

The released hormone leptip also helps you feel full, thereby controlling the diet of the next meal more effectively, limiting snacking.

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