Suggest 5 neat breakfast dishes, beautiful skin

Suggest 5 neat breakfast dishes, beautiful skin

Smoothies combining green vegetables with fruits are drinks that help effectively replenish vitamins and fiber for the body.

Regular consumption of this type of drink improves digestion, purifies the body, supports weight control.

Green smoothies usually include two main groups of ingredients: vegetables (kale, spinach …) and fruits (bananas, mangoes, dragon fruit, blueberries …).

To save time, you can pre-divide the fruit in small portions from beforehand, store it in the freezer.

This way also limits the use of ice cubes, avoids water separation, makes smoothies smoother, more beautiful, and more delicious.

To preserve your physique and skin, you should also limit ingredients such as sugar, milk in smoothies, should replace with low-fat milk or nut milk and natural sweeteners such as coconut bile, dates …

Breakfast with oat porridge or yogurt served with nuts, fresh fruits … does not take much time to prepare, again provides adequate nutrition for the body.

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