Proactive screening is key in the fight against cancer

Proactive screening is key in the fight against cancer

According to the Ministry of Health, about 80% of cancer patients are detected at a late stage, when health has declined and treatments are difficult to effective.

Cancer is a dangerous disease but can be treated if detected early through proactive solutions.

Regular health checks, cancer screening support early detection of potential diseases and risks; help patients proactively treat early.

However, many people are still concerned when examining and screening for cancer due to invasive methods, which can cause pain.

Mr. said: “I usually have regular health check-ups every 6 months, but cancer screening tests have not been done due to complicated processes.

I’m afraid invasive cancer screenings like X-rays and endoscopies cause pain and health effects.”

Ms. shared the same view.

She often hesitates and prepares psychologically before performing cancer screening because she is afraid that the screening method may cause pain, single-organ screening …

In April 2022, Gene Solutions introduced SPOT-MAS technology to help detect cancer early through a single blood draw.

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