Bee attack caused mother's death, child was hospitalized

Bee attack caused mother’s death, child was hospitalized

The doctor recommends: When being stung by a bee, the victim must be immediately taken to the nearest medical facility when there are one of the following signs:

There are many stings; Burned into the areas of the head of the face, neck accompanied by signs of rapidly spreading edema; there are signs of fever, fatigue, shortness of breath, diminishing urine count, blood-red urine, signs of allergy or previous allergy to bee stings, rashes, redness of the skin of the whole body or feeling of lightheadedness or dizziness.

Experts continuously receives patients with anaphylactic shock, poisoned by bee stings.

Typically, the case of 2 mothers and children was attacked by bees, causing the mother not to survive, the emergency child was in critical condition.

The victim was L.V.L, 31.

Through exploiting information from the family of 2 mothers and children, the patient was stung by bumblebees, but the mother died locally, the family took the child to the hospital in a state of great fatigue and rash.

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