Be careful with roundworm larvae that 'dig a trench' running under the skin

Be careful with roundworm larvae that ‘dig a trench’ running under the skin

Doctors recommend that ringworm larvae thrive in hot and humid climates.

For people working in agriculture, it is necessary to be careful when exposed to soil sources with dog and cat feces.

When in contact with the soil, people need to wear rubber gloves to reduce direct contact with the source of the disease.

Besides, after gardening, it is necessary to clean and disinfect hands, feet, and places in direct contact with soil sources.

“This larva does not reproduce, it survives for a long time in the human body, there are cases of regression in some cases, so it is still best to treat.

In case of the appearance of itchy, swollen nodules, forming a path of movement under the skin, it is recommended to go to a medical facility for early examination and treatment,” experts emphasized.

Mrs. Ellen (55 years old) after the gardening session had an itch on the back of her hand, the next day the itch progressed to a zigzag line on her hand.

Mrs. said: “At this time I was very nervous, it felt like something was moving under my skin, accompanied by swelling and very uncomfortable itching.

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