LIV Golf denies Tiger Woods $700 million cash offer

Norman has been professional since 1976, with two Major The Open wins in 20 PGA Tour titles and 12 European Tour cups (now dp World Tour) from 1977 to 1997.

While attending The Open in mid-July, he remarked that golfers who dropped the PGA Tour for the Invitational Series were the “drawbridge” group that turned their backs on the arena that gave them plenty of opportunities to advance their careers.

This is the first time Woods has commented directly on the individuals involved in the Invitational Series.

Woods also criticized Norman for opening the Invitational Series. He said: “I know Greg did a similar project in the early ’90s but it didn’t work out. He’s still trying to follow through.

But I don’t understand how those jobs can benefit golf.”

In 1994, Norman, as a contemporary superstar, initiated the World Tour. But the project died prematurely as it gained an anti-PGA Tour reputation.