US rejects Zelensky's request to ban visas for Russian citizens
  • US rejects Zelensky’s request to ban visas for Russian citizens
  • France and Germany have so far refused to support the initiative by the Baltic states and some Central European states.

Earlier in the day, Cyprus also opposed a proposal to ban Russian visas.

Cyprus and some other EU countries have Russian-speaking communities, so banning visas means cutting off contact between them and their family and friends.

Washington has rejected Ukraine’s request for a full visa ban on Russians because it does not want to “close the door” to russian opposition figures.

Ukrainian President Volydymyr Zelensky first urged the U.S. to ban Russian citizen visas in an interview earlier this month, arguing that Russians should “live in their own world until they change their philosophy.”

A few weeks ago, Zelensky continued to call on European Union countries to ban visas for Russian citizens to prevent the bloc from becoming a “supermarket” open to anyone.

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