Half of the EU is at risk of drought, 17% of Europe is 'red alert'

Half of the EU is at risk of drought, 17% of Europe is ‘red alert’

Parts of Spain, Portugal and Croatia are likely to continue to be “drier than usual.”

European researchers say the continent’s severe drought is worsening.

In addition, while rain is helping to ‘soothe’ some areas, the accompanying thunderstorms are causing damage.

The latest monthly analysis by the European Union’s (EU) Global Drought Observatory (GDO), published Aug. 22, highlights the ongoing risk of arid soil due to successive heat waves since May and persistent rainfall shortages.

The GDO maintains the warning issued earlier with nearly half of the EU at risk of drought.

At the same time, the report notes that small rivers and significantly shrinking water resources are adversely impacting energy production at power plants and crops.

“The severe drought that affected many parts of Europe earlier this year is continuing to occur across the board and worsening, as of early August,” the report stated.

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