The application of drones is seen as a solution to support farmers, especially small-scale farmers in Asian countries, to solve some challenges in agriculture.

This is considered an important technical guide to put this technology into practice in the field of plant protection in the coming time.

On 19/8, The Department of Plant Protection, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in collaboration with CropLife organized a workshop

“Sharing information and regulations on the management and use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs/ Drones) of some countries in the Asia-Pacific region and commenting on the draft Basic Standards on pesticide testing with drones.”

According to the – Deputy Director General of the Plant Protection Department, this is a premise workshop towards the application of 4.0 technologies in agricultural production; innovate thinking and change farming methods in a smart and sustainable way to save input costs, reduce negative impacts from agricultural farming to health and the environment; at the same time improve the quality of agricultural products for consumption and export.

Experts hopes that businesses will continue to accompany state and local management agencies to move towards effective and timely application of this technology for the greatest benefit for farmers.

Applying scientific advances to agricultural production is an inevitable trend today to address the growing global demand for food while conserving natural resources.

The application of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs/ Drones) is considered a solution to support farmers globally, especially small-scale farmers in Asian countries that can solve some of the remaining challenges in agricultural production.

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