Pregnant woman with ruptured breast implant

Pregnant woman with ruptured breast implant

Doctors recommend placing breast implants that do not affect pregnancy, breastfeeding.

However, after placement breast implants require periodic examinations and breast ultrasounds from six months to a year to ensure safety.

The 29-year-old woman who had a breast implant 8 years ago, now 5 months pregnant, suddenly ruptured the breast implant causing an abscess and infection.

After the breast augmentation, she never had regular check-ups as instructed by the doctor.

This time, her breasts were red and sore for a week, and she thought that due to the milk gland congestion, she ended her trip to the hospital.

According to medical experts, said that breast implants are suitable for the patient’s body before, but during pregnancy, the mammary glands develop to produce milk, causing milk to go backwards from the mammary gland tissue into the breast pocket cavity to form an abscess.

The ruptured breast implant causes sillicone gel to overflow causing infection, dark brown pus foci.

Doctors consulted many specialties, determined the difficulty of the case is that all treatment measures must ensure the safety of both the pregnant woman and the baby.

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