Why are so few children in HCMC vaccinated against Covid?

Why are so few children in HCMC vaccinated against Covid?

Deputy Director of the City Department of Health said that side effects when vaccinated are quite possible and most are mild symptoms.

Up to now, hundreds of thousands of injections in the city are guaranteed to be safe when injected.

The health sector together with the school is always well prepared to be ready to detect and handle promptly if there is an unwanted reaction.

In addition, vaccine batches when allowed to be extended for use have been evaluated for quality assurance around the world.

The product retains its durability, quality and purity when stored according to the storage conditions on the sticker.

In the coming time, manufacturers will continue to research and, if it ensures stability, will apply to continue increasing the shelf life of the vaccine.

According to medical experts, the Covid-19 vaccine is the most important weapon to end the pandemic, protect people, and reduce the risk of death if unfortunately sick.

Booster shots to restore the body’s immune response has deteriorated over time, particularly in high-risk groups such as children, older adults, and people with underlying medical conditions; ensure the maintenance of herd immunity and sustainable epidemic control.

Scientists, said that many people think that if they have been infected with omicron strain, they will have good immunity without needing a booster shot.

This is not true. Studies show that when infected with Omicron BA.1, if unvaccinated, the amount of neutralizing antibodies produced is very poor.

If infected with BA.1 after vaccination, antibodies will protect against BA.1 itself well but against variants such as BA.4 and BA.5 very poorly.

Therefore, it is necessary to get a booster shot of the Covid-19 vaccine to deal with the new variant.

“Herd immunity will decrease over time, so a booster shot is still needed.

This not only creates sustainable immunity but is important to protect the injector,” According to scientists.

Although the new strain, most people are mildly ill, there is still a certain rate of severe illness and it is inevitable that some people will suffer from post-Covid-19.

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