Three hypotheses about bone necrosis after Covid-19 infection

Three hypotheses about bone necrosis after Covid-19 infection

Currently, General Hospital System applies SuperPath hip replacement technique with short incision, no muscle cutting, shortened surgery time, less blood loss, so patients recover quickly.

Usually, after about a day of surgery, the patient can walk normally without causing pain as before.

Researchers suggest that bone necrosis after Covid-19 infection may be related to ACE2 receptors, corticosteroid drugs or cytokine activation syndrome.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Covid-19 has an impact on many organ systems in the body, of which musculoskeletal is one of the most affected organ systems.

The study by Dr. Adam Sulewski, Poznan University of Medical Sciences in Poland, and colleagues reported many cases of patients in Poland suffering from degeneration of large joints and long bony ends after contracting Covid-19.

The MRI results show images of infarction and avascular bone necrosis.

In particular, the most affected joints are the hip, knee and spinal cords.

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