The role of testosterone in female physiology

The role of testosterone in female physiology

In terms of nutrition, women should build a diverse, scientific diet.

Women should eat the required amount of protein (from 20-30 grams of protein for one meal); pay attention to consume foods rich in fiber good for the digestive system.

Beneficial bacteria for the intestines such as whole grains, legumes, green vegetables, fruits of intestinal foods such as yogurt, fermented foods in moderate amounts.

Because, the intestinal tract contains more than 100 trillion friendly bacteria, creating many metabolites that can affect the stability of hormones At the same time, women should limit sugar consumption, control weight well.

In addition to lifestyle and nutrition considerations, to help slow down the aging process, maintain a youthful look, you can add precious essences extracted from natural herbs.

In particular, the duo of precious essences, lepidium meyenii and P. Leucotomos, contributes to the impact on the brain-pituitary-ovarian axis system.

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