Covered stones paralyze the kidneys

Covered stones paralyze the kidneys

After treatment of kidney stones, patients should have a healthy diet, drink more than two liters of water a day and go to the doctor periodically to detect recurrent kidney stones or complications and sequelae after the intervention.

Coral stones covered most of the 81-year-old woman’s renal pelvis and kidney stations, and her kidney function was paralyzed.

The patient was admitted -to the hospital with fever, with low back pain, constant dull pain.

As a result of ultrasound, CT found that in the left renal pelvis of the woman, there were coral stones covering most of the renal pelvis, dilated renal pelvis, purulent stasis, causing loss of kidney function.

The surgeon removed the left kidney, removed the stone.

After a surgery, the patient recovered well, the infection gradually improved.

Medical experts said that many people have kidney stones or have a history of kidney stones but less painful, misleading the condition of stones has improved and do not go to the hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, stones remain silently destructive for long periods of time, causing the kidneys to weaken or lose function completely, forcing the removal of the kidneys.

Coral pebbles have a special, prickly shape similar to coral trees. The process of stone formation usually proceeds silently, without symptoms.

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