Arduous search for 'weapon' to save patients

Arduous search for ‘weapon’ to save patients

Recently, the Government and the Ministry of Health have taken part in removing obstacles to solve the shortage of medicines and medical supplies.

Beside renewal Urgently nearly 10,000 drug licenses are about to expire, the Ministry of Health accelerates negotiations on original drug prices, establishes inspection team to hospitals for suitable solutions.

Recently three tenders national procurement selected contractors… Currently, the shortage of medicines has been less stressful than in May 5, 6.

Medical experts said that the needs to have a rare drug coordination center, stockpiling medicines to urgently supplement medical facilities when needed.

These drugs often have a non-fixed amount of use, sometimes a lot, sometimes very little.

If hospitals take a lot of medicine but do not have patients to use it, it will lead to a situation of running out, having to cancel, affecting the bidding plan of the next year.

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