Saving the life of a cardiac arrested teenager with apnea

Saving the life of a cardiac arrested teenager with apnea

Experts said multiple organ failure is an acute course of a pathological process that is caused by bacterial infection or not caused by bacterial infection.

In particular, the patient has at least two or more organs in at least 24 hours.

According to some domestic studies, the mortality rate of patients with multiple organ failure is up to almost 76%.

“Treatment of multiple organ failure is the synthesis of measures to find and eliminate the cause, supporting organ failure.

Continuous dialysis is an intensive intensive method of intensive resuscitation to help treat organ failure,” experts said, adding that continuous dialysis can help reduce the overall mortality rate from multiple organ failure by nearly 68%.

There are even studies that report an improvement in mortality by more than 47%.

The 17-year-old suffered multiple injuries in a traffic accident, was hospitalized in a state of lethargy, headaches followed by cardiac arrest while receiving emergency treatment.

The Central General Hospital said that the patient had wounds to the forehead and cheekbones, cardiac arrest while in emergency, and was successfully resuscitated by cardiopulmonary resuscitation crews.

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