Hereditary Risk of Colon Cancer

Hereditary Risk of Colon Cancer

When suffering from multiple colon polyps, patients should eat a lot of green vegetables, fruits, fish, beans …

This diet is beneficial for the intestinal microflora.

Patients should avoid the use of inflammatory stimulants such as alcohol, smoking, indigestible foods such as red meat, sweets or processed foods.

Family members with the same bloodline with multiple colon polyps need periodic screening, preventing early colon cancer.

According to scientists, Deputy Head of Gastroenterology – said polyps are a condition in which patients have about 100 polyps in the colon and rectum.

This is a dominant genetic disorder, which can progress to colon cancer before the age of 40, increasing the risk of other cancers such as duodenum, pancreas, thyroid and liver…

Nearly 100 polyps in the colorectal

According to medical experts (35 years old, ) was hospitalized in early August due to anemia, dull abdominal pain around the navel, bloating, poor eating, loose stools.

A colonoscopy revealed that she had polyps of the stomach trunk glands, with gastritis.

From her transverse colon to her rectum there are nearly 100 polyps ranging in size from 0.3-1.2 cm.

In the family, her cousin (35 years old) has colorectal cancer.

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