Protect your lungs from the new Covid-19 variant

Protect your lungs from the new Covid-19 variant

How dangerous is the new variant of Covid-19? Why do so many people get reinfected?

How dangerous is co-infection or superinfection with pneumococcus?…

All of the above questions will be answered by experts in the online consultation program “Update on the situation of Covid-19, pneumococcal pneumonia and dangerous diseases in the midst of the pandemic”

In the context of the emergence of the fastest-spreading strain of Omicron, if co-infected with Covid-19 with pneumococcus or influenza, the lungs and respiratory system will be severely damaged.

The World Health Organization (WHO) Europe says the region has seen the number of new Covid-19 infections triple in the past 6 weeks, with nearly 3,000 deaths per week.

In particular, not only nCoV, many viruses and bacteria that cause other respiratory infectious diseases are also breaking out, threatening the risk of overlapping epidemics …

Dr. Hans Henri P. Kluge , WHO Regional Director for Europe, said that these are dangerous “blind spots” before the new wave of Covid-19.

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