The future of thought-provoking AI

The future of thought-provoking AI

The day after Lemoine was fired, an AI robot unexpectedly crushed the finger of a 7-year-old boy while the two played chess.

According to a video posted by the Independent on July 25, the boy was pinned by a robot finger for several seconds before being rescued.

Some have suggested that this could be a reminder of how dangerous ai can be from its potential physical power.

As for Lemoine, he argues that the definition of self-awareness is also ambiguous.

“Sentiment is a term used in law, philosophy and religion.

Affection doesn’t make sense scientifically,” he said.

Although he did not appreciate LaMDA, Wooldridge agreed because the term “consciousness” is still very vague and a big question in science when it comes to applying it to machines.

However, the worrying thing today is not the thinking ability of AI, but the AI development process that takes place silently without anyone knowing.

“Everything is done behind closed doors. It is not open to public scrutiny, in the way that research in universities and public research institutes does,” he said.

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