Elevated blood glucose prone to pimples

Elevated blood glucose prone to pimples

To prevent pimples, in addition to controlling blood sugar levels well, diabetics need to lead a cold healthy lifestyle.

Diet: balanced with healthy foods, eat a lot of green leafy vegetables, tubers with low glycemic index and rich substances, prioritize eating plant-based protein in legumes such as soybeans, peas, black beans, red beans …

The diet should add good fats from pure roasted nuts, fatty fish; starch from whole grains rich in fiber and index low blood sugar…

Exercise: try to engage in regular physical activity every day. Maintaining a healthy, balanced weight helps control blood glucose.

Skin hygiene: clean the skin with gentle soap suitable for the pH of the skin (5.5), dry the skin after washing, use moisturizer for the skin daily.

The patient does not wear clothes with coarse fabrics that cause skin damage.

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