Two teenagers nearly drowned in a pool

Two teenagers nearly drowned in a pool

Drowning kills more than 3,000 teenagers each year, most of them children under the age of 16.

Two 13-year-olds were submerged in the water for about 5 minutes in the pool, then given first aid for cardiac compression, asphyxiation and taken to the emergency room in critical condition.

The Head of Emergency Department, Children’s Hospital 2, said that because of long asphyxiation, children were intubated, ventilated to provide oxygen and protect the brain.

At the same time, doctors give infusions, inject antibiotics and actively monitor in the near future.

The family said the children knew how to swim from first grade but their skills were limited, crashing during the diving competition with their friends.

When picked up, both did not respond, were treated for first aid, pressed the heart, and asphyxiated.

According to experts, over the past time, the hospital has received many cases of accidents caused by asphyxiation, most of which are late.

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