Kidney failure after 7 days of quitting diabetes

Kidney failure after 7 days of quitting diabetes

According to experts, in order to prevent ketoacidosis, patients are absolutely not allowed to quit, change medicines or cure diseases in folk ways.

Patients should eat healthy, reduce the consumption of starchy foods (rice, sticky rice, thick bread …), increase exercise for at least 30 minutes a day to control glycemic index well.

Patients who quit taking diabetes drugs cause constant vomiting, are diagnosed by doctors with impaired renal function, hyponatremia, enteritis.

Patient (61 years old, ) has just been discharged from the hospital after a week of treatment for kidney failure due to diabetes complications.

Earlier, she was taken to the emergency hospital due to constant vomiting.

Thy said that a year ago, she discovered diabetes and treated it regularly at a hospital near her home.

Recently, she stopped taking the medicine prescribed by her doctor, taking folk remedies recommended by acquaintances.

After a week of quitting treatment, the patient is tired, the stomach is tingling, so he should go to the room near the treatment house, but the symptoms do not subside.

Based on the test results, experts said that the patient did not control blood sugar well within 3 months and quitting in the past 7 days led to many consequences.

Specifically, patients with impaired renal function, hyponatremia and enteritis due to uncontrolled blood glucose.

The patient also has ketoacidosis – a serious acute complication of diabetes mellitus.

Ms. Thy has type 2 diabetes, so she should be given antiemetics, insulin infusion, fluid resuscitation…

After treatment, the condition of the kidneys improves, normal blood sodium returns, there is no longer enteritis.

The patient continues to be doctored Emergency Department and physicians Department of Endocrinology – Diabetes mellitus plan long-term treatment regimens.