How to use saline nasal spray correctly

How to use saline nasal spray correctly

Nasal spray saline does not interact with other medications.

If you spray your nose with physiological saline, you should use a nasal spray first to ensure that it does not wash off your nostrils.

Some general guidelines when using certain types of nasal spray saline such as sitting or standing upright, do not need to tilt your head back.

Blow your nose gently to clean your nostrils. Close one nostril by pressing your finger against the nostril.

Place the tip of the spray bottle in the open nostrils.

Close your mouth. Inhale lightly when you squeeze the spray. Squeeze about twice for each nostril.

Nasal spray saline may not be enough to relieve nasal congestion. You may need other treatments if you have to breathe through your mouth.

A longstanding method of home treatment is a neti flask (a flask with a hose).

There are also medicinal nasal sprays, both over-the-counter and prescription medications that you can use to treat a number of nasal conditions.

Antihistamine nasal sprays aid in the treatment of nasal allergy symptoms by blocking the activity of the allergen.

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