Musk announces the acquisition of Manchester United

Billionaire Elon Musk announces the acquisition of Manchester United

On the morning of 17.8 (EU time), on the official Twitter page, American billionaire Elon Musk posted the status:

“I am buying Manchester United, welcome!” In just over an hour, the post received more than 400,000 likes, nearly 73,000 retweets and nearly 40,000 comments.

There’s no confirmation yet that this is serious news from the CEO, but Reds fans, especially those opposed to the Glazers, have reason to rejoice.

Below the post, a lot of comments called on billionaire Elon to quickly put down money for this sale.

The sale of the team is subject to the decision of the Glazers, the current owners of Manchester Untied.

There have been many protests and demands for Glazer to quit the team, but the family has not moved.

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