Mike Tyson in wheelchair after ‘dying’ statement

Recently, legend Mike Tyson said "death is near" for him…

Recently, legend Mike Tyson said “death is near” for him…

Tyson served three years in prison for rape in July 1991 and declared bankruptcy in 2003 — despite earning more than $30 million after a few games and $300 million over the course of his career.

Not long ago, the legendary Mike Tyson shocked fans by declaring “his time is running out” and “death is very near”.

Last month, he was pictured holding a cane, and now it seems he needs more help with his mobility.

In his latest appearance, Tyson was confined to a wheelchair, prompting many to express concern for his health rather than assuage fears about what he had said.

Tyson, 56, took a selfie with fans as he was taken through the terminal at Miami International Airport on Tuesday (16.8).

The heavyweight boxer, the one-time winning icon, has suffered from sciatica, a medical condition involving the lower back, which is said to be an “old problem”.

Earlier, Tyson revealed that back pain caused him to quit boxing – and in 2020, a peak pain left him unbearable, in tears and bedridden for two weeks.

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