Astringent fruit, pineapple fruit, pineapple root… are male medicines that cure urinary tract stones very effectively.

Astringent fruit, pineapple fruit, pineapple root… are male medicines that cure urinary tract stones very effectively.

Eating a lot of hot spicy will get urolithiasis

According to experts, urinary tract stones (kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra) belong to the category of prolapse (stones as small as sand), heather (stones of large size) of five clinical diseases.

The reason is that daily eating a lot of hot spicy foods, low thermogenesis, melancholy for a long time and then pressing down on the bladder makes gasification become unventilated.

Due to excessive prevention (sexual intercourse), causing negative kidney loss, damage causes fire, affects the gasifying effect of the bladder, causing impurities of urine to coalesce into stones.

The cure depends on the type of disease, the healing time is often long, can cause small stones to dissipate on their own or urinate stones; may cause changes in the body, prevent stones from recurring, after the stone is urinated or surgically removed.

If treated with Oriental medicine, the stone size ≤ 1cm in the ureter; On film the gravel is relatively smooth; The patient has the disease ≤ 5 years; Multiple stones, surgeries or lithotripsy do not go away; The function of the kidneys is normal or mildly damaged, stones are usually 1 side; Patients cannot withstand surgery because of their advanced age, weakened condition…

Some simple cures with male medicine

  • Choose ripe astringent bananas, dried seeds, small canopy; daily take 7 teaspoons of astringent banana granules, put in 2 liters of water over low heat, when about 2/3 of the amount of water is left, drink instead of tea water, drink 1 batch of 2 -3 months; gives pretty good results.
  • Thinly sliced astringent banana, lower earth gold star, every day take an adult fist (about 1 fruit), sharp with 3-4 cups of water, drink when full.

Take the green banana that is turning old, slice the yellow star of the earth, soak the wine after a meal, 1 small glass at a time.

  • Take 1 fragrant fruit (pineapple) to leave the skin, cut at the stem a small hole, take 7-8g of pounded sour alum inserted, use the fragrant stem just cut it, grill it on embers (or bury it in the fire) to scorch all the skin, the fragrant flesh is soft, let it cool to squeeze drinking water, drink water of 1 fruit every day, urolithiasis will gradually erode and can dissolve, if the stone is small, it can be urinated.
  • Fragrant fruits chopped, cooked with 0.5g of sour alum for 2-3 hours, eaten with water for 1 day; these methods use 1 batch of about 7 days.
  • Fragrant roots washed, dried, and cooked daily.
  • Drink juice and unripe fragrant fruits every day 20-30g.
  • Chicken gizzard film is a thin, light yellow film covering the inside of a chicken gizzard, in direct contact with food.

Chicken gizzard pecked out to remove all dirt, due to water washing restrictions, it should be washed quickly, peeled off the film in drying or drying, when used with sand to swell, remove sand sieve, store in a dry, closed place often used in combination with some Chinese medicines.