Cristiano Ronaldo: 100 news, only 5 about me are true

Cristiano Ronaldo has once again reacted to the media's use of him as a "source to earn views"…

Cristiano Ronaldo has once again reacted to the media’s use of him as a “source to earn views”…

Ronaldo may be angry, but that hasn’t deterred the British media in particular and the world at large.

Because “without fire how can there be smoke”?

Recently, despite being mentioned a lot in the media, Cristiano Ronaldo feels that things are going too far.

He said that much of the news regarding him was untrue.

Ronaldo is going through a tough time. From asking Manchester United to let him go, returning late “for family reasons”, not attending training sessions, to leaving before the game was over… is a series of days when the media has the opportunity to give him a deeper “attention”.

Accompanied by contract issues, travel or stay issues, relationships are gradually fraying with the club, coaches and teammates.

Prominent in that news, according to Journalist Adam Crafton writing in The Athletic, Ronaldo often eats lunch alone in Carrington, always swings his arms during training and expresses dissatisfaction with the style of play Erik ten Hag is building at Old Trafford.

Erik is a Dutch professional football coach and former player, who is currently the manager of Premier League club.

This is believed to be the main reason for the decision to put CR7 on the bench in the Premier League debut.

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