Yawning too much warns of health problems

Yawning too much warns of health problems

Patients with end-stage liver failure often have to yawn a lot due to body fatigue.

Patients often feel a lot of drowsiness during the day, edema of the hands, feet and accumulation of fluid inside the abdomen.

Patients with liver failure may also experience loss of appetite, nausea, diarrhea and feeling restless.

When you yawn a lot due to drowsiness during the day, you can stretch during yawning to help get rid of work fatigue in the afternoon.

Some people may also experience yawning while flying because the pressure causes discomfort to the ears when the body is at altitude.

Yawning at this time aids in reducing the pressure in the ear.

Yawning about 100 times a day can be a sign of pathology such as sleep problems, neuropathy, multiple sclerosis… needs examination.

Yawning is a natural reaction that indicates that the body needs to relax.

According to scientists, yawning helps to create a pleasant feeling for the brain.

Yawning aids in cooling the brain, so if you pay attention, you will often yawn more when it is hot than when you are in a cool environment or in winter.

Each person usually yawns an average of 5-10 times at the end of the day.

If yawning occurs several times per minute during the day, it could be a sign of health problems.

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