Malignant thyroid tumor surgery for obese patients

Malignant thyroid tumor surgery for obese patients

According to experts, the majority of thyroid cancer patients have a very good prognosis if they are diagnosed and treated actively at an early stage.

As in the case of Ellen, if she had surgery a year ago, the size of the thyroid nucleus was not large, the patient only had to remove the left thyroid lobe (instead of the entire thyroid gland).

Thus, the patient will not have to maintain taking the drug.

thyroid hormones for life, just follow your doctor’s instructions about diet, activities and follow-up appointments.

With advanced thyroid cancer, doctors can prescribe additional treatments such as radiation therapy, chemotherapy, killing cancer cells with electrical energy…

Thyroid Cancer is the most common endocrine adenocarcinoma, accounting for about 1% of cancer types. Initially, the disease usually does not cause symptoms.

But in the advanced stage, the person will experience manifestations such as swelling of the neck, sore throat, changes in voice and difficulty swallowing.

“The disease is more common in women than men and tends to rejuvenate in their 30s, even less than 30 years old.

People over the age of 30, especially those with a personal or family history of thyroid disease, should be screened.

Thyroid cancer periodically, abnormalities can be detected early and treated,” Dr added.

Thyroid tumors that invade the muscles of the neck area are removed by the surgeon and preserve the nervous system for patients weighing almost 90 kg.

Ms. Ellen (30 years old, ) said that 4 years ago, when she saw an abnormally large neck area, she went to the doctor and received an ultrasound with a left lobe goiter.

Biopsy needle puncture results are benign and medical treatment.

Two years later, Ms. Ellen had regular check-ups, the tumor was 21×16 mm large, the size of the thyroid nucleus was almost unchanged, the malignancy rate was 15-30%.

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