Pubic hair changes color and falls out gradually

Pubic hair changes color and falls out gradually

Just like hair, pubic hair in men in old age also changes color.

The pigment cells inside each hair follicle play the role of producing melanin, which has the function of creating color for hair and hair.

Upon reaching middle age, pigment cells decrease, melanin production slows down, and pubic hair also turns gray-white.

Along with the change in color, the thickness of pubic hair in men also thins with age. However, few men can feel this as pronounced as hair loss.

In old age, due to the effects of aging and hormone depletion, the penis can shrink, bend when erect or change in color …

Age can alter many parts of the body including the penis.

Starting at age 40, the testicles produce less testosterone, which plays an important role in maintaining libido and developing penis size in men from puberty.

A sudden decline in testosterone and other factors associated with aging can change the size, shape, and function of this organ.

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