5 young men hospitalized for drinking alcohol

5 young men hospitalized for drinking alcohol

Methanol is a toxic chemical capable of poisoning users, often used as a chemical, industrial and fuel feedstock.

Methanol when ingested in the blood can turn toxic, affecting many organs.

This substance can cause damage to the central nervous system, acute respiratory failure, heart failure, hypotension, severe shock, acute kidney failure, blindness … easy to lead to death.

After drinking alcohol mixed with alcohol to wash their hands, 5 young people were taken to People’s Hospital for emergency and intensive care treatment.

On August 8, according to a representative of People’s Hospital, the first case admitted to the hospital was an 18-year-old male patient, a toxicology test recorded a blood methanol concentration of more than 242 mg / dL.

According to the medical literature, this concentration at 20 mg/dL can already cause poisoning, above 50 mg/dL requiring emergency dialysis and over 80 mg/dL the possibility of death.

This patient was admitted to the hospital late on 6/8 because of fatigue, vomiting a lot, dialysis, and treatment in the ICU.

The young man said he drank alcohol with a group of 4 other people, mixed with alcohol to wash his hands.

The next afternoon, 4 other people went to People’s Hospital for emergency treatment in a state of fatigue, vomiting, and blurred vision.

In a more severe case, a 21-year-old man, diagnosed with methanol poisoning on Tuesday, was treated in the ICU.

The remaining three patients (ages 25, 28 and 31), had milder conditions.

The four patients all had blood methanol levels of 110-140 mg/dL.

They are now undergoing dialysis, fluid resuscitation and medical treatment.

Alcohol for medical use usually consists of ethanol concentration of 70-90%, water additives and some other supporting substances.

If accidentally ingested ethanol, the consequences as well as alcohol poisoning, can burn the gastrointestinal tract.

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