In addition, each person can choose to walk intermittently (up / down) in hills and mountains.

In addition, each person can choose to walk intermittently (up / down) in hills and mountains.

Changing the walking environment will inspire, burn calories effectively.

Experts say that combining walking with a balanced diet of energy and nutrients will improve health, effective muscle training.

After the warm-up step, taking advantage of the acceleration period, intermittent walkers can burn more calories, lose fat, train muscles.

Walking is a low-intensity physical exercise that enhances physical and mental health for all ages.

Intermittent walking can increase exercise intensity, burn calories, help lose weight effectively, reduce stress, fatigue.

According to experts, intermittent walking is quite similar to daily walking to lose weight.

However, intermittent walking takes advantage of short periods of time to help the practitioner accelerate and go faster than usual.

This short period of time is timed so that the exercise is not too long, avoiding exhaustion.

After each brisk walk, the practitioner will have a break to regain his breath and recover.

Intermittent walking is a method of improving movement frequency, reducing belly fat, creating a stepping stone to help practitioners switch to jogging.

Effective walking times are in the morning (exercise before work), noon (exercise before meals after a lot of sitting at work), evening (helps relieve stress during the day after work).

Before going to the gym or walking intermittently, the practitioner should see a doctor to check their health to ensure adequate fitness.

After a physical examination, each person should equip themselves with specialized shoes intended for walk, stopwatches or other devices that can monitor activity, count hours.

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