Does reusing cooking oil multiple times cause cancer?

Does reusing cooking oil multiple times cause cancer?

It is recommended to use both vegetable oil and animal fats, divided by user audience.

Specifically, children and healthy people use vegetable oil and animal fats in a ratio of 50:50 or 60:40.

People with obesity, high cholesterol, blood fats, at risk of hypertension, diabetes should use only vegetable oils.

People with cardiovascular diseases should completely consume vegetable oils.

Dear doctor, does using oil and fat many times reduce nutritional quality and cause diseases, especially cancer?

My family has both elderly people with underlying medical conditions and children, how should I use cooking oil?


Fried, fried, fried, baked, or in other words dishes that use grease at high temperatures, usually give us a very stimulating feeling of taste and appetite.

However, foods that have been fried, fried, fried at very high temperatures will contain trans fats – fats that have no nutritional value.

Not to mention, the foods for frying are also processed in vegetable oil or seed oil, available with trans fats before being reheated such as fried chicken, fried sausage, fried corn, french fries, fried spring rolls …

If it continues to be heated to a high temperature, the trans fat content of that dish will increase very sharply, which is the cause of cardiovascular pathologies (hypertension, fatty blood, fatty liver, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction)… and especially rectal, pancreatic cancer…

In addition, high temperatures will break down the nutritional components in the grease.

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