Diarrhea alternating constipation warning irritable bowel syndrome

Diarrhea alternating constipation warning irritable bowel syndrome

Although IRritable bowel syndrome is rarely dangerous, patients need to see a doctor if symptoms such as rectal bleeding, weight loss, abdominal pain are increasing and occur mainly at night… It may be a sign of inflammatory bowel disease or colon cancer.

People with diarrhea alternating constipation may have irritable bowel syndrome, although not dangerous, but the disease affects many daily activities.

According to experts at the, Center for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and Surgery, General Hospital HCMC, said that constipation is a typical symptom of mixed irritable bowel syndrome (IBS Mix).

Irritable bowel syndrome is a chronic pathology, causing intestinal dysfunction, affecting the large intestine; leading to symptoms of bloating, abdominal pain, changes in bowel habits…

Based on stool status, IRritable bowel syndrome is divided into three types: IBS C mainly causes constipation, IBS D causes diarrhea and IBS M causes both conditions.

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