Helps pregnant mothers to be less susceptible to petty diseases

Stress causes poorly functioning bowel movements, increases the secretion of gastric acidity, reduces mucus that protects the mucosa, making stomach pain worse.

How to helps pregnant mothers to be less susceptible to petty diseases

However, pregnant mothers also need to avoid eating unhealthy foods, which can increase the risk of infection, impair resistance such as: unpasteurized milk, foods made from unpasteurized milk (soft, fresh cheeses), sausages, cold cuts, raw / undercooked seafood, pate, frozen meat or processed foods containing a lot of sugar, salt, fat, preservatives …

“Besides implementing scientific, proper nutrition, during pregnancy pregnant mothers can apply gentle exercises.

Women keep a relaxed spirit to avoid stress, get enough sleep to support the development of the fetus well, the immune system works in the best way”, according to medical experts.

Pregnant mothers are prone to impaired resistance, preferring foods rich in protein, fiber, vitamins C, D, iron, zinc, folic acid, phosphorus … help improve health.

Explaining why pregnant mothers are often sensitive to the causative agent of infection due to poor resistance, associate professor, said that with 50% of the genetic material derived from the father, in theory, the fetus will be “eliminated” by the mother’s immune system similar to the transplantation of parts, foreign material enters the body.

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