Frequent thirst can be a disease

Frequent thirst can be a disease

To treat severe thirst, the doctor will let the patient perform the necessary tests to find out the cause of the disease, thereby having the appropriate treatment direction for each specific case.

Medical experts recommends that because a lot of thirst does not subside for a long time, it can be a warning sign of many dangerous pathologies, so patients should go to the hospital for a doctor to check as soon as this condition is detected.

Thirst that occurs regularly, does not subside even if you have drunk a lot of water can be a warning sign of many pathologies.

Medical experts said that normally, the feeling of thirst will disappear if the body is replenished with the necessary amount of water.

However, when the body has abnormalities, it increases urine excretion (polyuria), or decreases salivation causing dry mouth.

At this time, the person often feels excessive thirst, which lasts for days and weeks.

Thirst does not go away even if the person drinks a lot of water.

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