How to handle when a child burns

How to handle when a child burns

According to the Ministry of Health, depending on the cause of the burn, the way the burn is handled will be different.


Boiling water burns, fire burns: Parents need to quickly remove the child from the source of the burn, carry out cooling of the burn for about 15-10 minutes.

Clean water has a cooling effect, relieves pain, relieves edema, inflammation, reduces the depth of wounds.

Next, parents remove hard objects on the burn area, cover the burn area with sterile gauze.

Without gauze adults can use a clean cloth, as a psychological measure for the child to be less panicked.

After that, parents give the child a drink of water, placing him in a lying position.

If the burn is more severe, the child should be transferred to the nearest medical institution for timely treatment by a doctor.

Motorcycle potty burns: Similar to boiling water burns, parents need comfort for children to cooperate when dealing with burns.

Next, cool the burned skin under running water for a few minutes, apply ointment on the burn.

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