Systemic edema for chronic renal failure

Systemic edema for chronic renal failure

In order to prevent the risk of severe transfer when suffering from Covid-19, patients with chronic renal failure need to receive a full dose of the basic vaccine if there are no contraindications, comply with the treatment of the underlying disease in accordance with the doctor’s prescription.

At the same time, patients need to strictly follow the 5K rule of the Ministry of Health, pay attention to ensuring scientific nutrition, hygiene and physical movement, in order to improve their resistance against diseases better.

The patient is hospitalized with systemic edema, the level of glomerular filtration is deeply reduced, diagnosed by a doctor with acute renal failure after many years of chronic renal failure.

A week before being admitted to the hospital, Ms. Lillian (37 years old, ) urinated with very little amount and frequency, defecated with crushed stools, generalized edema, especially 2 legs, accompanied by epigastric abdominal pain.

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