Insomnia wreaks havoc on women's beauty

Insomnia wreaks havoc on women’s beauty

Practice physical exercise for 30 minutes a day with health-appropriate exercises such as walking, cycling, yoga … helps to improve health, reduce stress, improve the quality of sleep.

“Women who suffer from insomnia often, especially in the premenopausal and menopausal stages, should go to the hospital for examination, endocrine tests, neurological examinations, gynecology … for early diagnosis and treatment of the condition sleep disturbance.

Since then, the quality of life and appearance have also improved,” experts noted.

Lack of sleep not only affects nerves, but also affects the appearance of sisters, causing collagen loss, wrinkled skin, dark eyes circles, hair loss.

According to experts, women in premenopausal age are prone to insomnia and difficulty sleeping.

Hormonal changes when it comes to the menstrual cycle, pregnancy or impending menopause… has an effect on women’s sleep, causing fatigue, insecurity, poor-quality sleep.

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